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incar clip

Enjoy my hand sloppiness in all its glory. I can come up with a million excuses like the bumpy track, second time behind the wheel of the car, not used to the power or how the car reacts, and I know I nailed a bunch of cleaner runs throughout the day yada yada etc etc etc but whatever hahah, it was a ton of fun, enjoy! Two runs that Kevin put his camera in my car for. Second run isn’t as sloppy as the first though.


DDBeta clipping point

Went to DDBeta yesterday. Super fun day with an uneventful ending, full update in a later post. Enjoy this quick vid of me clipping one of the apex’s from AJ.

DriftDay XXX

So the day before DriftDay, we had just gotten the car running, I was able to go straight and get an alignment with my buddy Yuta who also helped me with the motor stuff the night prior.

Alignment specs were:
Front: 0 toe, -3.5 camber, 7.5 caster
Rear: 0 toe, -5.2 camber

With my ride height, and non-adjustable RUCA, -5.2 that was the least amount of camber he could dial out of it. RUCA is definitely next on my list so I can take hopefully a lot of that camber out. While it was on the rack, he also took care of changing my oil.

On to Drift Day, after getting the car teched, I brought the car on the Figure 8 setup since I had never drifted the car yet. Power delivery definitely caught me off guard but I didnt want to waste my tires there so i went straight to the intermediate course layout then onto the advanced course layout after a few laps. After coming in, I noticed my driver side front tire was getting eaten up BAD on the outside. Part of the metal on my fender was sticking out and literally just cutting chunks out of it. After looking around for some type of cutting tool or dremel, I ended up just using a jack handle to pull out the driver side fender more. It’s not pretty but it got the job done and it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Now on to more driving, I had a few issues with the car breaking up sometimes which Im sure is just something small that I will take care of shortly. The car has been sitting for over 2 years in storage mind you. Also had a lil tap with Simba over the left blind corner which left me with some scuffs on my passenger side 1/4 panel and rear bumper which Im sure will mostly buff out and a cracked taillight.

Driving wise, The power was out of this world! 240whp + 195’s at over 5 degrees of camber, the car felt like it was on ice skates but it was crazy fun! Even with that, the car picked up great speed. The DZ101’s were super consistent from brand new till they were on wires. The car could transfer lightening fast and the 1.5way LSD felt amazing too. Besides the alignment, I didnt touch the dampening on the STANCE coilovers or anything. The car felt great already and super controllable which I’m sure is attributed to the all the years Rob has had with this car prior.

As much fun as I was having, I didn’t drive as much as I could have. Since I had just gotten the car working and I drove it up, I didn’t want to risk anything breaking. Im sure it wouldn’t have had a problem but I just saw this as more of a test day to make sure the car was in proper working order and to get some driving time in. Spent a lot of time hanging with old friends and watching everyone else drive and kill it.

All in all, seriously fun day and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this car! I have a very small amount of footie that I’ll put up and some action shots.

one run

quick crappy iphone vid from DD30, super fun day! full update later.

first drive

drove it around a bunch last night to make sure everything is in working order.. ended up in the city by the lake. SO LOW, hits everything haha! Now time to shower and head up to USAIR for DD30 tomorrow!

thats not a garage

Finally the car is on the road! All I have to say is, it feels stupid fast! Got a fresh alignment and oil change then stopped by TF and TFWorks. While I was inside, Nick was all ninja and took some pics.

almost there

Finally got the car started earlier tonight, going to wait until morning to bleed the radiator and such. Then drive it around and make sure its all good and get an alignment. Anyways, heres a few pics from the other night.

Yuta wrenching away on my car, taking care of reclocking the turbo and other misc. stuff. Yuta you the besttt, Yuta you the besttt

Zeta I, grey backing with scales, super old school legit. I love this seat so much. I even had to cut the inside of the door to fit the wide shoulders of it. I got this from Sean from Good Feeling back when I still lived in socal. It was just sitting in his closet for years. He now drives an LS400 that is fucking up the VIP game. Seriously, his car is whats up. Take notes people, take notes.

(Seans LS400, pic taken from his mobile uploads hah)

Also got a care package from a good friend that will go by “blah blah blah” from Socal haha. I accidently left my driving gloves in his 86 so he shipped it back to me and included some goodies like a Falken Drift sticker, a Falken card signed by Seigo Yamamoto, an SSR valve stem, a MazdaSpeed horn button, a Tomei shift knob and old air freshener with many many canyon kills =), a used lighter, and a little stuffed doll that was his good luck driving charm lol. Even the destination was addressed to PHILSTAR haha.