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starting to finally get that motivation to get the car working again =)


DDBeta recap

So I’m finally getting around to doing a recap on the DDBeta event. It was labeled Beta since it was ClubFR’s first time testing out the place and their first time ever having an open area instead of a track. So the night before, I headed over to the Gambler Shack and took care of some fluid changes.

3 different layouts were made throughout the day. I’ve never done much of any third gear in my life so I was pretty pumped. the first layout required a 2-3 upshift mid-drift and that was definitely my favorite. I kept trying to go from 2-3 and different points like right after I initiated, before the apex, at the apex, after the apex, before the transfer, after the transfer, etc. Having the power to keep the tires spinning was so fun! The second layout was a top of third layout and then the third layout was also all third for me but a bit tighter which allowed for more smoke and angle it seemed.

The car survived pretty much the entire event. I found out why my car seemed to be breaking up from the last event which happened to be the plugs. Maybe I jinxed myself, but I said this was going to be my last run and on the very last corner, this happened.

At least Miata motors are not too expensive and the plan is to just pick up another stock motor, do the maintenance and drop it in. Simba is a life saver though. After trailering his car back home which is around 2 hours one way without traffic, he came back to trailer my car to my house. This is also a reminder that I still owe you money for this Simba haha.

Anyways, here are some other pics from other ppl that I liked.