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Im Back!

So I definitely have not updated this in ages. Maybe I should start again? Since the last time I updated, I got a new motor as well as several other little things, drove the last Drift Day of the year, and did a bunch of street drifting, driving, and hanging out. So first post of 2011, a photo dump of what me and my car have been up to.

There will probably also be a bigger focus on other things I find cool and hopefully there will not be a load of re-blogged material like half the sites out there.

Finally working on the car?!

New motor!

Motor out!

All fixed, getting straight pipe and wideband at TFWorks

Getting lunch

Hanging out at gas station after street drifting

More food

Cruise to Lowest Wacker, time to drift!

Hardpark 1

Hardpark 2

Hardpark 3

Hardpark 4

15×8 +0 VSKF, yes please!

Waiting in line


Girlfriend riding shotgun

Tandem with Chob from Risky Devil

Another shot of tandem with Chob

Tandem with TF Dave with his LS1 practice missle S13

Tandem with TF Dave again

One more hardpark picture

Sitting in garage collecting dust till Spring time