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Masa – touge master

I had the pleasure of meeting Rob’s friend, Masa, last Spring when he came to visit Chicago. We visited downtown, ate some deep dish, and hung out at my house. Super cool, super awesome guy, and an amazing driver. He is a pure street driver and has been driving touge for over ten years in only one kind of car, AE86’s. If you follow Rob’s blog then you should know that since this picture on top his car has been painted, but a picture on the touge just suits this post and the video link below is of his car at this stage with super cut springs and STOCK power 4AG.

Here I am in the black hoodie, Masa in the white hoodie, and his good friend when they were in town

Here is a video that TF Dave took of Masa in one of the Kameoka touges. You cant see much but just listen to whats going on, I cant even comprehend what is going on in the car half the time! A true touge master!


bout that time of year

Well its almost Spring time! Cant wait to take the car out of the garage. Its just been sitting there untouched for the past few months. Time to give it some needed attention and clean up a few things and get it a few goodies. =)

Quick video of the last time it was driven, putting it in the garage for Winter.


No clue who this is, but the guy in the white JZX on red wheels is straight sick nasty! Unknown street heroes, they do it because they love doing it. They have a passion to excel and have fun where it counts, the street!

Matej linked me this pic soon after posting the video links. Aggresive Style indeed!

The blue turtle

Henry’s AE86 was one car and driver that killed it on Chicago street. I wish I had footage of our runs at Sheridan Road, Frontage manji sessions, and the full blown chokudori’s at Goose Island. He was also the first person attempting and succeeding at connecting the back section of Goose Island and in an 86 nonetheless. Sadly, after blowing his motor a few years ago, he sold it and it is now a white F20’ed show car full of quality parts but overall not to my liking at all. The car lost the one thing that made it so great, the AURA. The aura of a car that lived to do one thing and do it well. Kill it on the street. Here is another street video from 2006 at Goose Island. At the time, we were addicted to seeing who could do the farthest ebrake entrys.

The community car

Short clip from 2006 at Goose Island which is probably the most notorious and most burned out drift spot in all of Chicago. The car is 3L’s personal S13 which was pretty much labeled the community drift car since a bunch of us would always be taking turns driving and practicing in it. Simplicity at its best and proof that you don’t need much to have fun.

ClubFR 2006

Since I posted the 2005 video the other week, I figured I would put up the 2006 video of ClubFR’s drift season. 2006 was an interesting year for me. I was able to hit the first 3 events of the year, the first at Geneva raceway which was a private testing event, then a DD at USAir, and then the next at Road America. Road America left me with a cracked radiator at the end of the day and after fixing that, about 2 months later my motor blew one night on the highway. After looking for a motor, I opted for a 1.8L swap, and between lack of knowledge and only a day out of the week being able to work on it since I was away at school, it took some time to complete it. Anyways, enjoy the video which features quite a few members of Grip Gambler and TMF Opposition!

Camber Killer

So last season, one of the main issues I wanted to take care with the car was take care of the insane amount of rear camber but before I even began thinking about it, the motor blew and I put that plan on the back-burner.

As you can see, my tire wear is absolutely terrible. Just sitting, my car is at -5.2 rear camber, so when drifting and the car is squatting, who knows how much camber my car must be at.

When I owned my red miata, there was no solution to correct the rear camber. No companies made an adjustable rear upper control arm to combat the intense camber miata’s get when going low.

I found several solutions..

First were these TC Sportline ones. OEM ones have a slight bend in them while these are straight so for guys that were low like me, the RUCA slams into the chassis. So that was a no go.

I also found out that Megan makes some also but they looked identical to the TC Sportline ones so I assume they will give me the same problem.

Another company making adjustable rear control arms was V8Roadster. They are quality pieces but I did not like the fact that it just uses another eccentric bolt to adjust the camber.

On RoadsterDrift, I saw that people were deciding to just cut the OEM arm in half and welding and extending them out to at least delete most of the camber. This was the direction I was leaning towards since I have access to a great welder. I wouldn’t be able to get the adjustability I would want but at least I would not have as much camber.

Then I came across some RUCA from EPMiata. They do not mount the OEM way. It actually mounts in between the OEM mounting points to the subframe and it just requires you to drill out the existing holes slightly bigger. It also appears that it will not hit the chassis. I now believe this will be the route I will be going.

Less camber = more traction + more speed + more smoke = more awesome!