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slowest entry ever

Small video from last year of my first time ever driving the car in the wet. Super slow but I was just feeling out the car and the surface. Oh well, some footage is better then no footage right?

Supposed to be in the 50’s and raining next weekend? Who wants to street???



Most of you should know who this is, Texas dude who just rips it on the track and street with his Cressida. Just straight sick nasty. The picture is of it in its current stage / most recent form? that I know of. And the videos featured after I think is the same chassis just in different stages, not completely sure. Whatever though, dude gets down.

Drift Faction

I’ve always loved these dudes and respect their crew completely. Sweet s-chassis’s and they street the shit out of them. Nuff’ said.

I really like this last video because it reminds me of all the rainy nights coming home just sliding every corner till I was at my driveway. All there little street clips is just a little reminder why drifting is so awesome.

out and about

Finally took the car out to run a bunch of errands and such. Forgot how AWESOME it feels to cruise and enjoy my vehicle. Also got some new vinyl. Enjoy cell phone shots and if your friends with me on FB, you’ve all already seen this lol.

that unfinished thing

Todays weather reminded me of the few times I brought out my old S13 pre-paint. I almost forgot I had this thing. I don’t regret getting rid of it, but I do regret never finishing it. All it needed was the kouki wing on, bumper cut, hood, and SPASH. Sexy Style USA!

Be a Man!

TF just came out with some new driving gloves and hooked me up with some purple ones. Had to get purple since its the Grip Gambler color. I guess they are doing some very limited runs of them, each run with new colors and new slogans so get them while you can!

Top of the gloves.

Under side of the gloves sporting “Be a Man!” and “Never Lift!”. The color looks off in this pic, camera phone sucks with picking up colors but its the same as the top, very vibrant purple.

Be a Man! Do the Right Thing!

black and bronze