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Easter Sunday Funday

A few of us got together early on for Easter Sunday to mess around at one of our new spots, CrossFire. The spot is nothing too special but what makes it fun are the walls and the curb which led to everyone just trying to get as close as possible! My car started misfiring though on a few runs randomly, new plugs needed? *shrug* hopefully I get it all sorted out before an actual event.



Fisher’s awesome dog.

Try to get close to the curb game!

Closer the better right? exhaust bumper scrape action!

Small video of AJ from my camera phone. Something about seeing a 4 door drifting is just so damn cool!

Fun session before everyone had to go off and do family things. Some filming went on too so a proper video edit coming soon?


Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday

So the weather has been pretty shitty out with thunderstorms. So you know what that means, rain street drift session! Got a text that a few people were meeting up in the city at midnight so got the car ready and rolled out. We hit up a few spots and drifted all around downtown Chicago. I seriously love the rain because every street, every corner, every intersection is a playground. Excuse the picture quality since it was raining and sorry no action shots since I was too busy having a blast!

Fluid changes.

Gas up.

On the way to the city.

The Goose.

Random parked pics throughout the night.

Awesome night with awesome friends ❤

one more

One more pic that someone found of my car at Autobahn. Sweet!

parking lot pic

After Autobahn, on the way back we decided to stop by the Promenade in Bolingbrook because we heard there was a meet plus we were hungry and wanted to find a place to eat around there. Found this pic online that someone snapped.

Sunday at Autobahn

Me, Gabe, Ron, and Fred brought our cars out to Autobahn today for some Mazda event thing going on. There were some NASA races going on as well including a Spec Miata race.

lol, I’ve never driven my car on grass before.

Hi Fred!

Didn’t take too many pics of the other cars there.

Fun day besides the insane wind.

Some pics Gabe found. lol “track time”

Chicago Bulls

Rose is a beast. It’s a new era in Chicago basketball. What else do I need to say? I haven’t been this excited for basketball since I was a kid in the Jordan days.

random weekend snapshots

So thanks to my cheesy awesome girlfriend, I’ve been using her digicam more often so I attempt to blog better since the only camera i own is the one on my phone lol.

On Friday, went to check out an S14 with Josh that he was considering doing some type of trade for his RSX. Obviously he would have changed it up quite a bit but after checking it out, Josh decided against it.

Saturday I heard a few people were meeting up down the street from my house so I decided to stop by for a little bit before getting grub with the girlfriend.

Kevin from Tipsy Turtle was there with his freshly swapped 2zz MRS. Very cool car, and sounds absolutely awesome. He is quite a bit taller then me, so when I sat in it, the doors basically came up to my eyes and I couldnt even see over the dash haha.

Decided to have a cheat day and got some Johnnies Beef for lunch. One of my favorite places on earth. Italian beef with hot peppers, fries, and a Lemonade Italian Ice, THE JAM.

After that, decided to swing by Mitsuwa for a few groceries and drinks and bumped into several people from the meetup earlier as well as other randoms like TF Dave in his Evo X with Stance 3-ways, CE28N, and 265 Advan AD08, total grip monster, and Fred with his daily LS400 that he just got his 20″ Wed’s put on, tucking rim, so gangster!

Later on at night, me and the girlfriend had a craving for pho so headed out to GH to grab some at Pho Ha. Always hits the spot, pho tai and beef cubes.

Food, cars, friends, and the best chicka by my side, thats all I need.