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Tuesday Morning Choku Dori – Josh and Chob

Nothing like drifting to wake you up in the morning before going on with your day, thats for sure!


Miata – CrossFire

Quick video that AJ took with his phone at CrossFire of me =)


Stopped by ILLFEST on Sunday, literally rolled in, stopped for 2minutes, and rolled out since it was just way too packed. We all ended up going to Mitsuwa instead. But in the short time we were there, a few pics were snapped and I found these online.

Man Im really starting to get sick of all these pics of my car not in action and billowing smoke out the back. June 12 is the next Drift Day and I need to drive it!

Few More

Few more pics from FIZZ, sadly Drift Day was cancelled this weekend due to a lack of drivers (although its okay since my car wasn’t ready), but sounds like everyone is going to be shooting for the June event!


stopped by the FIZZ bbq for a little bit on Saturday then proceeded to slide random intersections on the way to get some Chipotle with the fellas.


Met up with Josh and Chob to hang out. Since it was a nice day we all had our cars out so we took advantage of the weather and went for a little drive around the area including some random clutch kicking just for fun =).

sidenote: totally been taking advantage of my girlfriends flip camera, we always try to have it on us when we go out lol

College Grad!

Finally finished and graduated from UIC, went out strong with straight A’s for my last semester, so what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than a graduation party at my house!

one word: ROWDY!