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Some pics from the shoot at Soldier Field.


Camber Killer part 2

So I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my rear camber so I figured I would address it in this post. One of the biggest reasons why I had such a great time at Drift Day was because I finally addressed all the rear camber Miata’s get when you slam them.

Previously I weighed all the different camber arm options and I went with the TMD ones which in the end, still hit the chassis after test fitting so I was able to return them for a full refund.

What I ended up doing was taking the OEM rear upper control arm, cutting it in half, and extending it 3/8″, I’ve yet to get an alignment to see the figures but from what I’ve read, this should have taken out about 3 degrees of camber putting me at around -2ish.

My tire wear from Drift Day confirms this. Not only was the car way more controllable, the added traction definitely made the car faster, and the best part is my tires lasted literally like 10x longer then before. Only bad part is I dont get the added adjustability but Im happy with these figures and my tire wear is just right to allow me to flip my tires and get more life out of them.

Soldier Field

Got an opportunity to get paid to do some drifting the other day at Soldier Field. Pretty awesome to get some money doing what you love and not to mention doing it in the heart of Chicago! Wish I could do that everyday haha. This small video shows pretty much my only three runs I had to do so wasn’t even able to get used to the layout and I was playing with different initiations. There was also a pretty nasty bump right before the first apex. But regardless, sloppy driving footage but better than none right?

Later on it stormed hard, and we pretty much had a free for all in the rain and I forgot to turn back on the camera, oh welllll

DD36 – some more

Some photos from Drift Day weekend courtesy of Paul.

DD36 – Vimeo

Re-upped my in-car video from the post below to Vimeo as well for better quality, check it!

DD36 – PHILSTAR in-car footage

Here is some in-car footage from inside my Miata using my girlfriends Flip cam. We used a mini tripod that she found at the dollar store and just duct-taped it to the inside of my car. Seemed to work out really good even though it is mounted slightly low. Regardless, I’m super happy with how the footage came out and now I can start learning and improving from re-watching myself so I can see my bad habits and learn from my mistakes!

Wrecked pics

A few pics that I liked of me from Wrecked. I spent about half the day on my shitty sunk spare wheels in back so I’ll leave those out of here lol. Finally not a ton of hard parking pics!