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Japanese NASCAR



Wekfest Chicago

I’m not much of a show guy by any means but a bunch of us decided to pretty up our cars and showcase them. Thanks to the girlfriend, my car got a wash, wax, claybar, and detail. She also paint penned my tires and 3L helped print out and put on my vinyl for the show.

My thoughts on the show is well.. it was a car show. And like any car show, theres not much else to do besides look at cars. I was impressed with the quality of cars for the most part and there wasn’t a bunch of shit filling up space. And it wasn’t that bad since we were there with a ton of friends. The car got a ton of positive comments and I met quite a few new people from out of town. I just wish we all weren’t so tired from the early roll in time and lack of sleep. Chicago doesn’t have the biggest greatest scene by any means, but I think it was represented really well with the variety and level of cars that were there.

What made it that much better, is that I walked away with an award! I won First Place Mazda Class!


one word: AURA

Aura, it surrounds his shop, his cars, and himself.

I’m sure this video has been reblogged all over the internet by now but who cares, his passion, style, and vision for every vehicle he touches just leaves me without words.

“Whatever it is, the car has to look good. If your car doesn’t look good, sound good, and feel good, you’re not going to drive it like you should.” – Nakai-san

RCX Drift Demo

Yesterday, a few of us had the opportunity to do a drift demo for a Remote Control Expo. It was pretty cool to see all these toys that I used to drool over when I was a kid. JR was there also to give ridealongs and judge the RC drift competition. The area we had was really slippery and super bumpy and part of the track was sticky from the RC drag racing that was taking place earlier in the same area. They were spraying grape soda on the ground there so the RC drag cars could get traction. Overall though, it was really cool to see the passion and level of detail a lot of these guys put into their RC cars, planes, helicopters, etc. And it was really cool to showcase to them what real drifting is since I bet for the majority of them, this was the first time ever seeing drifting in real life. They loved it!

Crazy detailed Nakamura RC replica

JR and the crew

Hit up some KBBQ to end the day

Some footage of me

Josh’s smoke machine, left foot braking awesomeness!