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DD39 Flyer

Last Drift Day of the year, so you know I’ll be going! Need to start getting the car ready!


Chicago Street Drifting – Saturday Night

Please excuse the picture quality, they are from my phone. Didn’t get any action pictures or any of that since I was too busy driving plus I doubt my phone would be able to capture it well anyway. It was an awesome night! Three Grip Gamblers were out to terrorize the streets, myself, Simba with his purple coupe, and Dave with his TRA KYOTO coupe (probably the most of us that have been out in years lol), but there was an unfortunate crash between Fred’s and Dustin’s FCs at one of our spots while tandeming. But thats drift life and they’ll be back better then ever before you know it! After getting their cars towed, the night ended with a stop to White Castle which my stomach is now regretting. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out till 6AM getting rowdy.


Lately, I’ve been wanting to put together another Miata on the side mainly just for fun street action. I guess you could call it a missile although I hate that word and it wouldn’t exactly be that anyway. Plan is simple boro style. Coilovers, welded, angle mods, wheels, seat, stock motor, stock exhaust. Now I just need some fundage to make it happen.

My City

Due to my SIM card shitting out on me, I missed out on a good night with the Fam. Full post on Speedhunters. Pics courtesy of Larry Chen.


Chicago loves Street.
Dustin with his LS-1 FC.

I like these