The Replacement

Well it didn’t take me too long to find a replacement for the Miata. In my head I was juggling several ideas and in the end it came down to either finding an AP1 since I was having an urge for more track time, waiting for the release of the FR-S since it seems like it would make a great drift and daily car, or this one specific FC. Very different price ranges and what ever I chose would dictate the kind of driving I plan on doing well into the future.

I chose the FC. My brain told me one way, my heart told me FC. The way I feel when I see a properly built RX7 rolling past into the dark of night just gives me this feeling that an AP1 or FR-S could never give. Its an aura that I cant explain.

A little bit of history behind this particular car. This car was Robs dad’s FC. The same Rob I bought my Miata from. Back then, I originally had contacted Rob about buying the FC, and after a somewhat jokingly comment of him saying why dont you buy my Miata, that turned into me buying the Miata instead of this FC.

This RX7 is a 1988 S4 TII, Black, and the best part, only 46,000 miles! The car is immaculate inside and out and practically show room clean! I almost feel bad knowing that I will be turning it into a drift car when I feel like it should be sitting in a museum or something. This decision to purchase the FC felt almost impulsive on my end, but after driving it home today, I know I made the right choice. FC’s are by far my favorite late 80’s sports car. The body lines just simply cannot be beat! It is 100% bone stock minus RacingBeat exhaust and STANCE coilovers. It also came with some other goodies like a turbo timer, Kouki tails and Kouki moldings in box, JDM window visors, a full shop manual, as well as other misc goodies. Not to mention Rob’s Dad gave me a price I couldn’t refuse.

I have some long term plans and some short term plans for it but I’ll share that at a later date. Regardless, I should be out this season doing what I love to do! DRIVE!

  1. CAME UP, can’t wait to see this thing boogie

  2. Wow dude, that thing is immaculate… should be an awesome car to work with! Can’t wait to see where you go with it man.

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