Misc. Goodies for the FC

Some little interior ricer goodies, Razo knob, Cusco spin turn knob, Broadway mirror, GripRoyal steering wheel, and an Ebay BOSS hub. I generally have good luck with these Ebay BOSS hubs but this one just absolutely sucked so I just ordered up a real Japan HKB BOSS hub which should be on the way soon.

Interior currently.

Some other misc. goodies for the car including OEM Mazda oil filters, NGK sparkplugs, this specific Energy Suspension bumpstop that FC people use as a pinion snubber to help prevent breaking the front mount of the differential, 5mm Kics spacers to allow my wheels to clear the front brakes, Banzai emissions and OMP delete block off plates, TCS F/R strut bars which are basically knock off Mazdaspeed ones that I plan to repaint the mounting brackets on, Racing Beat DTSS eliminators so I can eliminate that silly rear steer, and a Nardi horn button since I didn’t like the way the generic horn button looked on my wheel

16″ mesh wheels that I will be using for now. Can anyone guess what they are? I think it will give my car that classic SIMPLE early 90’s drift style that I am going for.

    • Justin Labayen
    • March 28th, 2012

    Crown victoria wheels? Sweet!

    • shayan
    • March 29th, 2012

    ^ just about to say that lol

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