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Goodies for the FC: part 2

Some more goodies came in for the FC.

Got my real HKB BOSS hub to replace the Ebay BOSS hub, way way nicer and feels way better. Threw that on my car with the Nardi horn button that I picked up. Also got my Super Now Super Cutting Tie Rods. FC’s do not get much steering angle stock so this will be a nice addition. Also got a RacingBeat downpipe and pre-silencer and OEM Mazda turbo gasket. I mainly got this so I can get rid of the precat and cat, not to mention it will be a nice little power boost. I opted to get 2.5″ over a full 3″, and I got the pre-silencer to keep the car relatively quiet, perfect for streeting =). Although there are quite a few people trying to get me to make it loud already!

Also got some 205/55’s that I had on my other wheels mounted on the Crown Vic mesh wheels that I got thanks to Yuta. A little balloon-ish but I like it. I lowered the car slightly, I may go just a tad bit lower but overall I like the ride height. Very streetable plus getting my car in and out of the garage is super easy especially compared to the Miata and I can still get a jack under it no problem. Threw on some new hardware for my camber plates and maxed them out and Gabe swung by with his 350whp v-mounted FC to roll my front fenders. I forgot how rediculous his car sounds when the wastegate opens! We met up with Fred (fellow FC driver) who came in his daily Lexus which just got treated with a new lip kit and exhaust. Pictures do not do this car justice. You just dont see cars done like this in Chicago!