FC3S, slowly but surely

A few weeks ago, I finally got my DTSS eliminators installed. Thanks to Yuta for letting me borrow his impact and Neil for pressing them into the knuckles. Also painted my strut bar ends and threw those on. It was a rainy weekend so perfect opportunity to test out how the car felt with the DTSS’s on.

I did absolutely terrible! I know everyone says the FC is a twitchy car but it felt way twitchier even compared to my Miata. I can see why now a lot of FC drifters run no rear sway (and no sways at all if they have knuckles). Also I confirmed the stock LSD is pretty worn out and I couldn’t get the e-brake to lock. My PS belt also decided to snap.

When the PS belt snapped, it wrapped around the fan and somehow ripped out my AFM plug and ruining the plug. I lucked out and found someone who had one from previous standalone setups and since I didnt have anything to de-pin the connector with, I just cut and soldered on the new plug and car was good to go again!

Also got the rear and side windows tinted 35% at Umbra.

Anyways, I think I have a better idea of things I need to get now and after talking with several other FC drift specialists, I have a better idea of how to setup the car.

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