quick pic

just finished lowering it n putting the wheels on

car should be running later tonight

t-minus 3 days till Drift Day!


them wheels

So I was definitely not digging the red on the cheap Konigs that I got, decided to spray them a new color, its a kind of silver aluminum. Im happy with how they are turning out. Only did two of them so far and big thanks to 3L for all the help.



getting busy

Finals are over, and Drift Day 30 is a week away, so Ive been getting cracking on getting the car ready. Sounds like a lot of the old people who have disappeared into drifters past are making a comeback this year. I cant wait to see these guys start driving again and i cant wait to see their insane vehicles.

Work area

got the roll bar in, HardDog Hardcore single diagonal, and cleaned up years worth of old tire throughout the interior haha, you can also see the Blitz URAS fire extinguisher

picked up a Personal 330 Neo Grinta red stitch from TF, also you can see all the toys I get to look and play with

Tony over at TFWorks welded on the HKS BOV flange, the bung is for the IAT sensor

BOOST SOON! I should probably try and clean up the bay a bit too while I’m at it. Since the turbo is going to be reclocked with the outlet facing downward for the new piping, the frame rail will need to be notched as you can see.

intercooler mounted up, you can still see oil marks from my previous 86 on the garage floor

parts parts parts

Please excuse the picture quality and the fact they are flipped, they were taken with my macbook haha.

All the turbo goodies I need so I can start hitting boost are all here. I just need to get the BOV flange welded onto a pipe and then I can put it all on. Its the FM intercooler upgrade kit, and I got a HKS SSQ BOV “peechew peecheww”. Hate the way they sound but a fan of how they work. Both sides are pretty much one big silicone hose and just requires you to re-clock the turbo.


I also picked up some cheap Konig BBomb wheels used from a local. They are 15×7.5 +0. The centers are red at the moment but Im going to just spray them silver since I absolutely hate the red. But hey they were cheap, cant complain. Tire of choice that I will be running is 195/50 StarSpecs in front, and 195/50 DZ101 in rear. Thanks to Yuta, I have 6 DZ101’s to burn up. 240whp and 195’s, this should be interesting =)

Tires mounted and wheels on car just to see fitment and height. Definitely going to lower the car more.

Finals are this week, wish me luck!

First Post

A new blog again? I’ll make one, then delete it because I never update it to only make another one a few months later haha. Majority of it will still focus on automotive and my driving pursuits and that kind of cool stuff even though as much as I hate to admit it, it is a BIG part of my life and I have no idea how I would survive without it.

Well since the selling of my AE86, I was able to convince my good friend Rob into selling his NB. He has been living in Japan and this car has been sitting in storage out here in Chicago for the past 2 years or so. He sold several things off of it before going into storage so I’ve been ordering parts like a mad man to reawaken this warrior and get it drift ready.

With school finals just around the corner and the never-ending wait for parts, I hope to make DriftDay 30 on May 16 at USAIR and DriftDay Beta on May 22 at Rantoul Airbase. It definitely feels good to be focused on the car and driving again.