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Grip Gambler

New Years Boarding

We really haven’t been getting any snow out here but regardless, me and the gf decided to take a boarding trip for new years. We stayed at Chula Vista in the Dells, and went to Cascade both days since it was part of the package we got. It snowed a few inches while we were out there but it was still pretty icey especially at night. It was an awesome time and much needed little vaca. Plus I finally got to try out my new setup and I absolutely love it. Board is way more playful then my last one. Probably my only gripe is my new bindings are a tight fit to get into so it takes me a bit longer then usual to strap in but once Im strapped, I am good to go!

Risky Devil and Friends

Risky Devil and Friends from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

Stay true. Who we are. What we do. Wont stop till we are dead. 2012!

99 Miata – $10.5k!

If you follow this blog, you all know the car. I’ve lowered the price temporarily to 10.5k. I am just trying to unload it before winter hits hard. If it doesn’t sell, I will most likely either keep it and use it for the next drift season or it will be back up for sale come spring time at a higher price. Shoot me an e-mail at pstubkjaer@yahoo.com if your interested or have any questions. I will gladly answer them.

That Time of Year

My new setup finally came in! So now I am just patiently waiting for snow to try it out!

Sierra Stunt 147 and mismatch Burton Customs, and of course I had to add some sticker love

Circuit Soul

Alex over at Circuit Soul sent me over some stickers. Super quality and super awesome designs. One thing I have to say about them is, these guys get it. Like they really get it. They really understand the scene, the cars, and most importantly the people. If you haven’t heard of them, check out their Facebook until their real site launches. You may have seen some of their stickers being rocked on some very familiar cars **cough** RWB **cough**.